Wine Rush

Ein Fest für lebendige Weine

Spannenden Naturweinen entdecken und lieb gewinnen.
Berliner Naturwein-Importeur* innen und Winzer kommen zusammen, um ihre Leidenschaft für den euphorischen Rebensaft zu teilen. Zum Probeiren gerne Neugierde und Durst mitbringen!
Naturwein ist ein Handwerkliches Produkt, dessen Herstellung viel Sorgfalt und Muße verlangt. Er transportiert Geschichte und Esprit der Landschaften und der Leute, die den Wein entstehen lassen. Überzeugt euch selbst!

Zum Wohl !

A wine fest to appreciate, discover and flirt with natural wines. A group of natural wine importers from Berlin and winemakers gather to share their passion of this euphoric juice. Come by with interest and thirst !
Natural wine is simply an artisan product made with great care. It carries the story of a place and the state of mind of people who vinify the only ingredient needed to make wine: Grape Juice.

Pre sale ticket : 12,00 euro
At the door : 15, 00 euro

A maximum of 300 pre-sale tickets + an extra 150 at the door will be available. Limiting the amount of tickets is not about exclusivity but to assure that everyone has a good experience and do not feel rushed whilst chatting with the winemakers.

A ticket at wine rush brings you into the world of over 40 winemakers coming from all corners of Europe. You will flirt with over 150 different wines, and get a direct contact with the winemakers. Let’s call it an open buffet of natural wine, enjoy!

Early bird!

For the first 200 visitors a glass with the Wine Rush Logo will be given for a deposit of 5€. If you wish you can give us back the glass at the end of your tasting day or you can keep it for home … it’s a pretty nice looking glass, you will see!

Wine seminars

The seminar will take place in the same location than the Fair in the lovely Säälchen room . The room of the seminars is a separate one which will give a proper atmosphere for a seminar. Indication will be given you at the entrance.

Seminar : Orange Wine in Italy

(14h00 -15h15)

Wine Makers Franco Terpin, Casè, Costadila and Podere Pradarolo will explain all the myths about Orange wine! Thru a tasting of their wines you will understand what it means to make Orange wines in Italy! (English)

10 euro – 25 place available 


Seminar: Winzer Stephan Kraemer – Boden !


Lassen Sie sich mit Stephan Kreamer, Winzer in Franken, über Boden sprechen. Lasst uns verstehen, was Terroir bedeutet, wenn wir über Wein reden!

10 euros – 25 Plätze verfügbar

Seminar : Maxime Boillat – Natur Wein

(17h30 – 18h30)

Maxime Boillat-sommelier  zeigt an Hand von verschiedenen „ Natur“-Weinen wo wirklich für Ihn den Reiz an solchen Weinen liegt: viel mehr als  Produkte aus umweltfreundlichen Landwirtschaft,  sind  es vor allem Erzeugnisse besonderer Menschen, die ihr Produkte mit ihrer Handschrift stark prägen.
Nachdem wir den Begriff „Naturwein“ erklärt haben, gehen wir den Winzer auf die Spur. (Deutsch)

10 euros – 25 Plätze verfügbar

Trade and Gastronomy (12h00 -14h00)

These 2 hours are for colleagues working in the wine industry or having a business in Berlin which can be related to the sale of Natural wines. This less crowded time laps will permit you to get in contact with different wine makers (some represented in Berlin – some non represented and seeking for different places and projects to showcase and represent their wines).

After 14h00….
you will be heartly welcome to stay all day with us… the room will just get a bit more olé olé .. which is also a nice experience! 

After Fair

As many of you already knows, the Holzmarkt Bier Garten is a very charming place to hang out. Hopefully the sun will shine and bring out the full potential of the location! After the fair let’s all gather with the winemakers in the Bier Garten! People who already have experienced such a wine event appreciate a fresh beer afterwards and the joy to keep on hanging a bit longer with the one’s who are responsible for that damn good wine in the bottles! 

Wine Rush Welcome the following winemakers


Staffelter hof (Mosel)
2Naturkinder (Franken)
Kraemer (Franken)
Roter Faden (Württemberg)
Martin Worner (Rheinhessen)
Armin Klenk (Rheinhessen)
Bruder dr Becker (Rheinhessen)


Fleury Champagne
Domaine Lissner (Alsace)

Brendan Tracey (Loire)
Domaine de Montrieux (Loire) 

Opi d’aqui (Languedoc)
Chahut et Prodigues (Loire)
Idea vin (Bordeaux)

Philippe Delmee (Loire)
L’absurde Genie des Fleurs (Languedoc)
La Graine sauvage (Languedoc)
Lous Grezes (Roussillon)
Combeaux Reves (Savoie)

Czech Republic

Syfany (Moravia)
Porta Bohemica (Bohemica)




Rimarts cava
Ferozia (Rioja)
Mas Candi (Catalonia)
La Salada (Catalonia)
Oriol Artigas (Catalonia)
Jordi LLorens (Catalonia)
Vega-Aixala (Catalonia)
JR Escoda (Catalonia)
Portes Obertes (Catalonia)


Harrer (Neusiedl Am See)
Alexander – Maria Koppitsch (Burgenland)
Quantum Winery (WeinViertel)


Franco Terpin (Friuli)
Il Cancelliere (Campania)
Cantina del Barone (Campania)
Cantine Dell’angelo (Campania)
Casé (Emilia Romagna)
Podere Pradarolo (Emilia Romagna)
Costadilà (Veneto)
Valli Unite (Piemont)
Monte dei Roari (Veneto)
I Cacciagalli (Campania)
Podere Veneri Vecchio (Campania)
I Carpini (Piemonte)
Quarta Generazione (Basilicata)
Silvio Morando (Piemont)



Much More…

MOTEL (Berlin)
Aeblerov- cider (Denmark)

Atelier du bouilleur (France)
Leipziger Spirituosen Manufaktur (Germany)

Good contact for natural wine !

Rocket wine Berlin
Cantine Sant’Ambroeus 
Depasquale Wine
Sinnes Freude
Des quilles a Berlin
Confetti Berlin
100% vino

For any questions or request about WINE RUSH

Jeff Roy

Holzmarkt ( Säälchen ) 

Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin